There’s been a convergence on the left and right on Common Core: A lot of the right-wing opposition is about Obama. … On the left, it’s about standardized testing and how high-stakes tests are going to be used to hold schools accountable.

"How the Battle over Common Core United Left and Right," Salon

I know for a fact that it occurs to at least some of us. You know who we are. We obsessively followed the reports from Ferguson, and would, no question, tell a pollster that we believe the criminal justice system is biased against people of color. We’re white girls who make jokes about “white girls,” as if this category does not include us. We are proud to say we live in diverse cities — not the anodyne suburban enclaves and small towns of our upbringing. Yet our friends are mostly white. And we don’t feel great about it. Which raises a very thorny question: Should we actively try to make more friends who aren’t white? And if so, how?

The Importance of Friendship Diversity - (via annfriedman)

Tuckered out.

Tuckered out.

That’s right — lawyers for Indiana and Wisconsin claimed that because a ‘fleeting moment of passion’ can produce offspring, straight people need marriage as an incentive to stay together and raise their ‘unintended children.’ Gay people, on the other hand, have to think and plan a lot harder if they want to be parents, so marriage doesn’t concern them. In other words, because an ill-considered, alcohol-fueled romp between two straight people can lead to a baby, gays shouldn’t be able to marry.

My take on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals arguments at Salon

Justice Kennedy’s exercise in judicial restraint has come back to haunt him. In overturning DOMA without fully explaining why, he left lower courts to come up with their own standards for judging gay-marriage bans across the country. In the end, this has only hastened the day the Supreme Court will have to fully explain itself on gay marriage.

The Supreme Court’s gay encore: Why the marriage equality battle is not over yet.” My latest at Salon.